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Policies and Resources

Please see below a collection of documents, policies, procedures and resources that may be required by parents, participants, volunteers and interested parties to our organisation.

Netball NSW The NettyWay

Coaching Resource

Netball NSW Codes of Behaviours

Codes of Behaviours

Woolworths NetSetGo PSNA Rules

Adopted March 2023

PSNA Good Sports Accreditation

Good Sports Accreditation

Certificate of Currency 2024

Suncorp - In their corner - Coaches resource

A guide for parents and volunteers coaching their children

PSNA Guide to Umpiring

A support for Member Clubs as they proactively assist their umpires

PSNA Policy V1.0

Adopted March 2022

PSNA Constitution

Adopted March 2022

PSNA Sponsorship Opportunities

An opportunity to sponsor our Association through one of our design packages

PSNA Guide to a safe workplace

Guiding Framework

PSNA Critical Incident Policy

WHS Policy

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