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Community Netball Concussion Policy

Netball Australia has released important updates to the concussion protocols for all levels of the sport, including community netball.  

In a significant update to community guidelines, all netball competitions at all ages, including Netball Australia pathway programs, adult/open competitions and all junior competitions, will adopt a minimum 21-day return to play protocol.  

Under the new community netball guidelines, the earliest that a player that has sustained a concussion can return to play is on the 21st day post the concussion incident provided they get medical clearance. 

The new guidelines, which are designed to protect the health and wellbeing of all participants, are in alignment with the recent Australian Institute of Sport’s Concussion and Brain Health Position Statement. 

Netball Australia’s concussion protocols are reviewed annually. The protocols have been prepared by Netball Australia’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Laura Lallenec in conjunction with Member Organisations, Suncorp Super Netball teams and the Australian Netball Players’ Association.  

“Netball Australia’s concussion protocols have been developed to protect all players at all of levels of the sport,” Dr Lallenec said.  

“Our protocols are consistent with the impact and collision codes and are developed in line with up to date medical and scientific evidence. Our priority is ensuring concussion is managed according to best practice and to reduce the risks of concussion in netball. 

“The revised community guidelines mark a significant advancement in Netball Australia’s commitment to the health and wellbeing of all players who participate in netball, from grassroots through to the elite level.” 

Netball NSW have engaged Dr Lallenec to facilitate a Zoom session with clubs and associations on Tuesday 30th April at 6:30pm to discuss these guidelines.

During this session, Laura will explain the guidelines in detail and provide netball specific advice in relation to the management of concussion at community level.

Please click here to register for this webinar.

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