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It's time to gear up for another amazing season of netball in 2024

As the 2023 year ends, we find ourselves reflecting on the netball shared together over the winter and twilight competitions.

It is with appreciation that we extend our thanks to each and every one of you for your dedication, passion, and hard work throughout the season. 

We acknowledge the collective effort of all our members who continue to support Port Stephens Netball and all of our Member Clubs. 

Whether it was coaching, umpiring, playing, or simply contributing your time and energy to your Club or our Association activities, your commitment has been noticed and appreciated. 

Time to gear up for another amazing netball season!  

Are you ready for another round of fun and championship building moments? 

Netball is more than just a game; it's about the friendships, confidence, and community … and it all begins on this court 

Registration is now open for 2024! 

Registrations are now open for the 2024 season and soon you'll be making your decisions about where to play in 2024, Port Stephens Netball should always be the first choice for netballers across our great community.

The only way to strengthen our competition is for individuals to continue to support local and play local right here are Port Stephens Netball.

This allows Port Stephens Netball to showcase our local talented netballers within our community and to foster a strong sense of local pride, and to build strong grassroots and representative netball competitions and programs.

The more the merrier! 

We can’t wait to have you back on this court with us in 2024! 

As you catch up with friends and family over the festive season, why not ask them if they’re keen to join in and play netball too? 

There’s a team and a position waiting for everyone! 

Let’s embrace the opportunities within our own netball community, right here at Port Stephens Netball Association and use them as stepping stones towards achieving our broader goal of an inclusive playing environment that supports girls and boys, women and men alike. 

We would welcome your feedback on the way we communicate with you as a member – click on the link to respond  

Once again, thank you for your time, effort, and passion.

We look forward to many more seasons of shared successes and memorable moments with Port Stephens Netball Association - where netball communities turn into netball friendships that last a lifetime.


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