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Umpire Announcement

Welcome to the umpiring update issue #1 of 2024! 

We hope you all have all had a lovely Christmas break and are excited to get back into the new season.

World Netball Rules Update

In December 2023 World Netball launched the Rules of Netball 2024 Edition, along with free educational rules resources. 

Please click the link here for more information - The Rules of Netball - World Netball

Rules of Netball Exam

 The exam is now live with new questions to reflect the updated rule book.

Register here for Rules of Netball Exam - Netball Learning Centre

C & B Camps

Registrations for this year’s C & B Camps are now open.

  • C Camp - Saturday 2nd March

  • B Camp - Sunday 3rd March

Register here for C & B Camps - Netball Learning Centre

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