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An update from Netball NSW

2024 Rules of Netball – Update

With the introduction of updated rules in 2024, Netball NSW would like to provide some further information, guidance and options on their implementation at community level.

The rules came into effect on 1 January 2024 for International Competitions.

Netball NSW recommends the start date for the rules to be at the commencement of all Winter Competitions. This gives all stakeholders a chance to be educated on their application.

Note: that the new rules must be implemented for all competitions by 1 September 2024.

This time period takes into account the different start times of competitions of countries across the world.

In 2024, Netball NSW has made the decision to implement Rolling Substitutions for all NSW competitions to its competitions. This aligns our pathways to Suncorp Super Netball, the Australian Netball Championships, and the National Netball Championships.

Given this, we recommend association carnivals are played using Rolling Substitutions to align with NNSW competitions (further information will be provided regarding application of the Junior State Titles 40% rule).

Rules for Rolling Substitutions

While play is in progress, any team may choose to use rolling substitutions provided the rolling substitution is performed with players on the team bench who have been named on their team sheet.

(a) The rolling substitution stands at the designated area. This is normally set up as a small box or line to the side of each team’s bench, next to the score bench. At community level this designated spot may be in line with the centre circle or some other area as advised by the competition organisers.

(b) Before leaving the designated area, the substitute tags (with hands) the player leaving the court.

(c) Only 1 rolling substitution per team can be made at a time.

(d) Play is not to be held up for rolling substitutions. If play is delayed, the player will be penalised under Rule 19. Foul Play, Unfair Play 2. Delaying Play, which state a player or team may not intentionally waste time or delay play.

(e) Players must observe the offside rules as they enter/leave the court, in the event a player goes offside: Sanction: Free pass where the infringement occurred (offside area) unless this places the non infringing team at a disadvantage when the sanction will be given where the ball was when play stopped, or advantage applied.

(f) Players must not interfere with the umpire’s movement during the substitution, in the event a player interferes with an umpire: Sanction: Free pass where ball was when play stopped unless this places the noninfringing team at a disadvantage when advantage will be applied.

(g) If a player leaves the court as a rolling substitution and there is no player at the designated area, the replacement player will be treated as a late player under the rules and can enter at a “break in play” (defined in the Rules of Netball 2024 Edition)

As rules are written for elite competition (and individually timed games), we have highlighted a number of these to provide some context at community level.

Note: we have not highlighted rules that pertain to individually timed games.

Rule 21.4 of the World Netball Rules of Netball 2024 Edition states that a decision regarding variations to the rules will be made by the controlling authority for the competition, and any variations should maintain the integrity of the game.

Below is a summary of the rules changes and how they will apply to community netball at our Association.

Rules of Netball Rule Reference

Rules of Netball Rule Summary

Recommendations for Community Implementation

Rule 3: Team 13(f)

The on-court captain must wear identification as specified by the event organiser (for example and arm band or patch on their playing uniform).

Not required, umpires can ask for the oncourt captain(s) if required.

Rule 5: Technical and Event Officials 1 & 2

Refers to World Netball Technical Officials Manual, World Netball Event and Commercial Operations Manual and World Netball Event Disciplinary Regulations.

There is no need for umpires or competition organisers at community level to read these manuals and regulations.

Rule 5: Technical and Event Officials 8 and 9

This a new clause that refers to event organiser responsibilities for such things as; preparing the playing enclosure, length of the game, breaks, extra time requirements and includes dealing with team officials, bench players whose behaviour is inappropriate. This rule also states a requirement for event organisers to arrange an independent concussion observer for every event.

The majority of responsibilities included in this clause are already happening at community level. We encourage you to continue using the processes for your competitions that are already in place and that you have been using to manage poor/inappropriate behaviour. Further clarification around the requirement to have an independent concussion observer and guidelines and education around concussion at the community level will be provided by Netball Australia and Netball NSW in the coming months.

Rule 10: Stoppages 18

If there is blood on the ball it should be swapped

At the beginning of each game we would encourage umpires to ensure they have two balls that can be used throughout the match (one from each team).

Rule 10: Substitutions and Team Changes 1-4

Both teams may make tactical changes immediately after a goal has been scored following a request from an on-court player to hold time for this purpose, ensuring that: a. The umpire is clear the request is for a tactical change and not for injury/illness of a player or blood. b. Any on-court players leave the court or change playing positions without delay. c. Any substitutes take up their position on court without delay. d. All team officials including primary care persons remain at the team bench. e. The umpire is able to restart play quickly, so the momentum of the match is not affected.

Netball NSW will be replacing this rule with Rolling Substitutions. As most of our community games are centrally timed whilst the game can be stopped, time cannot be held as required in Rule 10.2. For centrally timed games, we would recommend the use of Rolling Substitutions (see Attachment 2 for the rules) to ensure equality of time for all teams. You can choose to play either Rule 10 (1-4) Substitutions and Team Changes or Rolling Substitutions, they cannot both be played together. PSNA will apply rolling substitutions.

Planned Education Sessions

Netball NSW have organised the following education events to provide further information and clarity around the rules and their application across NNSW and association competitions.

  • Association Executives Monday 12th February at 7pm – via Zoom link -

  • Coach Education Connect & Learn 1 – Wednesday 7 February (sold out (60))

  • Premier League Managers Meeting – Wednesday 7 February

  • Connect & Learn 2 – Tuesday 13 February (sold out (60))

  • More sessions to be added

Umpire Education

  • A Camp -Saturday 10 February (A Badge umpires attending this session will be given the resources to be able to deliver rules seminars at associations)

  • B Camp – Sunday 3 March

  • C Camp – Saturday 2 March

  • Umpire Convenor Meeting – Monday 5 February via zoom

  • Connect & Learn (Regional) – Monday 19 February via zoom (sold out (60))

  • NetEd (Metro) – Sunday 11 February at Netball Central; more information to follow.

  • Connect & Learn (Regional) – Saturday 24th February via zoom (session filling fast)

Additional sessions will be conducted if the need arises. Education sessions at Associations can be arranged by NNSW if required.

Please contact Chris Hall, Workforce Manager for further information.

If you have any rule questions please email them to Helen George ( and/or Chris Hall (

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